Members of CSHP-AB branch may bring forward ideas for educational opportunities to the Education Committee for consideration.  Please see the following documents for more details:

For more information about the Education Committee's activities or to become involved in the committee, please contact the Education Chairperson, Alexandra McGrath at

CABS2017 - In case you missed it! The clinical topics were recorded - please click on the links below:

Guideline management of hospital-acquired and ventilator associated pneumonias -Margaret Gray, BSP


Alberta’s opioid crisis: the perfect storm -Steven Freriks, BSP


Flip, flop, or fluke: This year's key clinical trials -Ricky Turgeon, BScPharm, ACPR, PharmD


The Hope and Reality of Medical Marijuana -Pat Mayo, BSc(Pharm), PhD, MTS


Continuing Education Events

  • Video recording from the Red Deer Educational Dinner on April 20, 2017 are now available for viewing. This event was co-sponsored by CSHP AB Branch and Amgen. The speaker at this event was Dr. Glen Pearson, a pharmacist who is the Co-director for the Cardiac Transplant Clinic and Co-Medical Director and Director of Research at the Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Clinic.
  • Video recordings from the Indigenous Panel Event that was held in January 2017 and co-sponsored by CSHP-AB Branch are now available for viewing. The keynote speaker at the event was Jaris Swidrovich, a fellow hospital pharmacist.