On behalf of the Awards Committee I would like to issue the call for nominations for the 2017 Alberta Branch Awards Program. This is an opportunity for you, our members, to recognize excellence in your colleagues. Please take a moment to review the awards offered, and consider nominating a colleague. This year's deadline for submissions is June 10, 2017!

Mentorship Award

This $1000 award was developed to recognize those pharmacists who are a positive influence on students, residents, and peers. Through teaching and creating learning or career opportunities for others, this is the person who is looked upon for support and guidance. We all had the person who made us feel welcome early in our career - nominate him/her!

Practitioner Award

This $1000 award is designed to recognize significant contributions to pharmacy practice. Is there a pharmacist who goes above and beyond their required work to provide exceptional service to their patients or profession? Is there someone who is considered a leader amongst their peers and health care team? What about someone who’s always engaged in the latest developments in health care? This is your opportunity to give them the recognition they deserve!

Meritorious Service Award

This $1000 award is offered to CSHP AB branch members to recognize exceptional contributions to the CSHP Alberta branch. Nominate the person you have looked up to, worked alongside with or whose hard work you benefit from!

Recognition Program

The Recognition Program gives us an opportunity to formally celebrate the efforts and attributes of our fellow pharmacists. The theme of the award changes each year to appreciate different qualities in our peers. This year's theme is:

“Practicing, promoting and/or leading the profession to a full scope of practice"

All nominees will be recognized with a certificate at the Branch AGM and there is no limit to the number of recipients.

One of the highest honors in a professional career is to have your efforts recognized by your peers. I invite you to consider nominating one of the many deserving Alberta Branch CSHP members for the 2017 Awards Program.

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